Vincent Herring & Erena Terakubo

ALTO MADNESS Japan Tour 2017

Erena Terakubo寺久保エレナ(as )

Vincent Herring (as)

Anthony Wonsey (p)

Motoi Kanamori金森もとい (b)

Yoichi Kobayashi 小林陽一(ds)

Every so often, Japan’s jazz world produces a great young sax player, more and more of them women. Erena Terakubo, though, is less a product of that system than of herself, her talent, and jazz itself. She’s relocated to the United States, though tours Japan regularly, and feels at home in either place.

And rightly so, since her sax playing is fresh, original and compelling. Both countries have stages for her to show off her talent. Working in the bebop tradition, she brings together many different influences, all of them delivered with energy and an appealing sense of cool.

For this tour of Japan, she’s bringing along Vincent Herring, one of the most potent alto players in the States. He’s played with every great jazz group around, and leads his own, too. Their double alto front line is the very definition of alto madness. Backed by a powerful rhythm section, this will be an amazing tour. Highly recommended!


8/03(木)群馬 伊勢崎市Gunma Isesaka 「きつねくぼ蔵」伊勢崎市連取町1238-1 tel:0270-248545
8/04(金)静岡 Shizuoka「LIFE TIME」
8/05(土)芦屋 Ashiya「Left Alone」
8/06(日)下関 Shimonoseki「東京第一ホテル下関」
8/07(月)佐賀 Saga「シネマテーク」
8/08(火)福岡 Fukuoka「Back Stage」
8/09(水)出雲 Izumo「ミスティ」
8/10(木)大阪 Osaka「ロイヤルホース」
8/11(金)浜松 Hamamatsu「ボヌール」
8/12(土)鈴鹿 Suzuka「どじはうす」
8/13(日)東京神田 Tokyo「TOKYO TUC」

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Phone/Fax: 0423-87-7066

Michael Pronko
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