VEIN Japan Tour


Michael Arbenz ミカエル・アルベンツ—piano

Thomas Lähnsトーマス・レーンス—bass

Florian Arbenz フロリアン・アルベンツ—drums

Vein is a gorgeous, pensive chamber jazz trio that makes music for the mind and ear. And body, too, as their European approach to jazz resonates deeply. Having played with such luminaries as Greg Osby and Dave Liebman, they have a sense of how to create full-on music that doesn’t shrink from its duty to impress and intrigue, as well as to entertain.

Their most recent release, “The Chamber Music Effect” is a straight-on, hard-driving full set of effects. The trio explores directions and turns in a flash towards other spaces, opening up more areas to keep exploring, like explorers who create their own country and then jump into it to see what’s there. With high energy and great polish, they are full of surprises, humor and a fiery sense of making dynamic music.

Not to be missed, this is a rare chance to hear this exciting Swiss group at some of the most intimate clubs in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Nardis, Chiba-ken

Nardis 千葉県

June 16 (Friday)

Time 19:30

Charge 4,000 yen


Airegin, Yokohama


June 17 (Saturday)


Charge 4,000 yen


Candy, Chiba-ken

Candy 千葉県

June 18 (Sunday)


Charge 4,000 yen


Rakuya, Nakameguro

楽屋 中目黒

June 19 (Monday)


Charge 4,000 yen


Jazz Flash, Nigata-ken

Jazz Flash 新潟

June 20 (Tuesday)


Charge 4,500 yen



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Michael Pronko
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