The Old Blind Cat

Konwa Center B2

Shinjuku 3-26-3

Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 160-0022
新宿区 新宿 3-26-2 コンワセンタービルB2F

Phone: 03-3354-9354

Hours: 7 pm to way past midnight, later on Fridays

From the east, central east or southeast exit of Shinjuku Station, The Old Blind Cat is close, but a little tricky to find. Check the map out and keep your eyes open for the sign. You’ll find it on the pedestrian street not even one corner away from the station.

The Old Blind Cat is a quintessential Tokyo jazz bar. Head down the two flights of stairs (so steep they are more like a ladder) and you enter another world—of jazz. The small space feels at first like being in a submarine, but after the music starts sinking in, it’s a place to really unwind—cozy, calming and filled with jazz.

Drinks are standard bar fare, but high-quality. There are nibbling foods along the counter.

Vinyl records are the order of the day here, but recently video screens around the space offer some visuals. And why not? The sound system is great, and if you ask for vinyl, you can hear amazing tracks from the extensive collection.

The big pleasure is leaning back into the well-worn wood, drink in hand and just floating around inside the music, which plays from seven in the evening to whenever it seems time to stop. Which it never does, here.


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Michael Pronko
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