Tatopani New Directions タトパニ

Christopher Hardy クリストファー・ハーディ—percussion

Robert Belgrade ロバート・ベオグラード—clarinets, sax, tabla

Andy Bevan アンディ・ベヴァン—saxes, flute, didgeridoo

Frederic Viennot フレデリック・ヴィエノ—piano & keyboard

Harutoshi Ito 伊藤ハルトシ—cello, guitar

Tatopani is a marvelous band that drew on diverse world music influences to create a fresh and original sound. The band was active in the early 2000s in Tokyo, but disbanded when members dispersed around the globe and took up different projects. Fortunately, they are back together!

After their re-debut last year, they have been writing new tunes and honing the unique sound they developed. While they clearly owe a debt to the great band Oregon, their sound is all their own. Creating a lush tapestry of sounds from interesting combinations of an intriguing array of instruments, they also improvise in unique ways.

This is not your average four-beat jazz sound. They dig into cool grooves, Indian rhythms, and exotic sounds by using instruments with fresh conceptions. The didgeridoo sounds funky and the tabla as melodic as rhythmic. Whatever genre you want to place them in, it’s great music. Very highly recommended.

Koen Dori Classics


February 1 (Thursday)

Time 19:30

Charges 4,000 yen



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