Jonathan Barber Trio Japan Tour ‘17

ジョナサン・バーバー・トリオ ジャパンツアー‘17

Jonathan Barber ジョナサン・バーバー—drums

Taber Gable テイバー・ゲーブル—piano

Joshua Crumbly ジョシュア・クランブリー—bass

Jonathan Barber has made a name for himself as a first-call drummer for some of the best groups and on the best recordings over the past few years. You can check him out on great CDs from Nat Reeves, Greg Skaff, J.D. Allen and Jeremy Pelt (on those consistently solid labels like HighNote and Zoho). His drumming style has a mix of funk, when needed, and straight-ahead energy and tastiness, on everything else.

He brings with him two other young stalwarts, Taber Gable on piano and Joshua Crumbly on bass. Usually, Japanese promoters only bring in the big names, but Barber’s tour is a chance to hear what everyone else is hearing in the best jazz clubs in New York and on the east coast, but hasn’t yet been transfixed by the business side of jazz. This will be his first tour as leader to Japan, but definitely not his last. Catch Barber on the way up because he won’t be coming back down.

Life Time, Shizuoka

静岡 Life Time

May 12 (Friday)


Body & Soul, Minami Aoyama

南青山 Body & Soul

May 13 (Saturday)


Le Club Jazz, Kyoto

京都 Le Club Jazz

May 14, 15 (Sunday, Monday)


Star Eyes, Nagoya


May 17 (Wednesday)


Swing Hall, Musashino-shi


May 19 (Friday)


Pit Inn, Shinjuku


May 20 (Saturday)



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