Jean Michel Pilc Solo Piano Tour


Jean Michel Pilc ジャン・ミッシェル・ピルク—piano

With a delicacy of touch and a vast sense of inventiveness, Pilc is a marvelous pianist and improviser. He was born in Pars, but has called New York City home for the past couple decades, teaching at NYU and the New School as well as accompanying many of the biggest names in contemporary jazz.

This tour, though, will be a wonderful chance to hear him alone at the piano. His sense of the keyboard, of using all of it, means this will be a special as an extremely creative soloist on an intimate tour.

For pre-listening, check out “Twenty” for a vibrant piano trio setting and 2015’s “Composing” for a more open take that comes together into an intriguing, interlocking suite of wide-open piano trio improv. “Threedom” from 2011 is another intense workout that shows Pilc and trio at their best.

Photo Steven Sussman

Very highly recommended!


Studio WUU, Chiba-ken

スタジオ・ウー 千葉県

June 19 (Monday)

Time 19:30

Charges 5,500 yen


Pit Inn, Shinjuku


June 21 (Wednesday)

Time 20:00

Charges 5,000


Lifetime, Shizuoka-ken

ライフタイム 静岡県

June 23 (Friday)

Time 1st 20:00 2nd 21:30

Charges 6,500


Star Eyes, Nagoya

スターアイズ 名古屋

June 24 (Saturday)

Time 19:30

Charges 5,800


Body & Soul, Minami Aoyama

ボディ&ソウル 南青山

June 25 (Sunday)

Time 1st 19:00 2nd 20:40

Charges 5,000


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