Goro Ito + Jaques Morelenbaum



Goro Ito 伊藤ゴロー—guitar

Jaques Morelenbaumジャキス・モレレンバウム—cello

Eiichi Sawado 澤渡 英一—piano


Yamaha Hall, Ginza

May 20 (Saturday)

Time 16:00

Charges: 5,500 yen







Having played on amazing albums by Tom Jobim, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Carlinhos Brown, Marisa Monte and other stars of Brazilian music, Morelenbaum is less known, but just as much a part of the full force of Brazilian music. He has also collaborated with Ryuichi Sakamato, done film scores and worked with samba drummers. Quite simply, he makes stunning music.

Goro Ito is a guitarist of tremendous talent who has devoted himself to Brazilian music. His collaboration with Morelenbaum in 2014 “Rendezvous in Tokyo,” is a lovely collection of Brazilian songs with a crystal-clear sound. Ito has the full sense of Brazilian lightness of playing that creates a depth of feeling. He meshes with Morelenbaum perfectly.

This evening will be a great chance to hear Morelenbaum and Ito together in an intimate setting in an acoustically perfect hall in Ginza. Be sure to book tickets ahead as seats are limited in the sit-down concert hall. Morelenbaum’s cello may seem an unusual instrument, but once you start listening, you slip inside the interplay, ‘saudade’ and beauty and enter another world of true music.

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