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Gene Ess Shimosato ジーン・エス・シモサト—guitar

Masahiko Osaka 大坂昌彦—drums

Daiki Yasukagawa 安ヵ川大樹—bass

Grant Richards グラント・リチャーズ—piano

Mark Tourian マーク・トゥリアン—bass

Akihiro Yoshimoto 吉本章紘—saxophone

Yosuke Inoue 井上陽介—bass

Hiro Omori 大森ヒロ—drums

Hiroki Namekawa 滑川博生—drums

Osamu Hikage 日影修—bass

Ryo Shibata 柴田 亮—drums


Gene Ess Shimosato is a killer guitarist who has made his home in New York for the last couple decades, but is touring Japan this summer. His guitar style is contemporary and ranges from intimate to thoughtful to clean and powerful. Compared to Japanese musicians, he has a New York sound, but for these gigs, he’ll be playing with Japan’s very best musicians, different musicians on different nights. Whichever night you go, though, you’ll be assured of excellent jazz. Check out his compositions, which are marvels of complexity, and his tone, which draws you right in to the flow. His recent CD, “Absurdist Theater,” is a marvelous work that looks at many different feelings and places that reminds you that music IS traveling! These shows are very highly recommended.

August 3 (Thursday)

Live House Mod’s, Okinawa-ken

August 4 (Friday)

Parker’s Mood Jazz Club, Okinawa-ken

August 5 (Saturday)

Live Spot Ee, Okinawa-ken

August 6 (Sunday)

Sound M’s, Okinawa-ken

August 10 (Thursday)

Rhodes, Shibuya

August 11 (Friday)

Zimagine, Minami-Aoyama

August 18 (Friday)

Satin Doll, Roppongi

August 19 (Saturday)

No Bird, Ginza

August 23 (Wednesday)

Jazz Spot Candy, Chiba-ken

August 24 (Thursday)

Body&Soul, Minami-Aoyama

August 25 (Friday)

Jazz Bar Scratch, Ibaraki-ken

August 27 (Sunday)

Sunny Side, Saitama-ken

August 28 (Monday)

BarBarBar, Yokohama

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