Collaboratet Featuring Gustavo Anacleto

Gustavo Anacleto グスターボ・アナクレート—saxophone

Fumie Chiba 千葉史絵—piano

Brent Nussey ブレント・ナッシー—bass

Tim Lake ティム・レイク—drums


Boozy Muse, Okubo

April 30 (Sunday)

Time 1st 19:40, 2nd 21:20

Charges \3,000


大久保Boozy Muse


1st 19:40, 2nd 21:20



This “collaboratet” brings together four of the most engaging musicians in Tokyo. Like the best quartets, they just seem to “go” together. Hailing from different continents, all four come together into a great quartet. Boozy Muse is the best place to hear them, too. Its intimate space lets you hear what all four have to say up close and clear. This evening, the quartet will focus on the music of John Coltrane and Joe Henderson. This is International Jazz Day, April 30, so head out for some real jazz made by real musicians! Very highly recommended.



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