Barbara Hadenfeldt Tokyo Tour 2017


Barbara Hadenfeldt バーバラ・ハデンフェルト(vo)

Yuichi Kudo  工藤雄一 (p)

Alan Gleason アラン・グリースン (b)

Shingo Yamaguchi  山口新語 (ds) (21日)

Pick a song and Barbara can not only sing it, she’ll make it her own. She’s a heartfelt singer of standards, very old school in all the best ways. The lyricism of her singing and the way she knows the nuances and special sides of the great American songbook is unique, and moving. She comes back to Japan every year or so for wonderful shows backed by local musicians who have worked with her for years. Jazz vocal fans should not miss her. She’s an original and a delight! Gleason on bass and Kudo on piano know just how to make a singer look their best.

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4月 13日(木)高円寺 トラゲット

Thursday April 13: Traghetto (Koenji)

19:30スタート 2000円

7:30 pm start   2000 yen charge


4月15日(土)調布柴崎 ジャズクラブ さくらんぼ 

Saturday April 15: Jazz Club Sakuranbo (Shibasaki, Chofu)

スタート19:30 チャージ3000円+1500円以上オーダー

7:30 pm start   3000 yen charge + 1500 yen min. order


4月18日(火)東中野 ビッグリバー 

Tuesday April 18: Big River (Higashi-Nakano)

スタート20:00 チャージ1000円2ドリンク付+投げせん

8:00 pm start   1000 yen charge (incl. 2 drinks) + tips welcome!


4月21日(金)赤坂 ビーフラット 

Friday April 21: Akasaka B-Flat

19:30スタート チャージなし!

7:30 pm start    No charge!




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